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Adventures in Nursing Blog

A different kind of travel nursing blog.

TravCon changed our business.


Once a year we all gather in fabulous Las Vegas and share a weekend full of food, drinks and fun. TravCon, while not perfect, has [...]

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Why be a travel nurse?


If you asked 100 travelers why they started traveling you would probably hear a couple of answers over and over on repeat. Money [...]

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15 Years


15 years ago today I started in this industry. July 19, 2004. 15 years. Thinking back, I honestly had no business being [...]

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Before it's too late


Six years ago I started a five year plan. I want to own a Tesla. Notice how my math doesn’t quite add up there. I’m a [...]

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Nurses Week 2019


This week we’ve been telling stories at Atlas about how nurses have touched our lives. It’s our way to celebrate [...]

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Values are like fingerprints


Elvis Presley once said, “Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything [...]

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It’s April. Have you seen your New Year’s resolution? We all do it. We make these big sweeping resolutions on [...]

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People. Process. Product.


A few years back I was introduced to Marcus Lemonis, the CEO of Camping World, by way of his appearance on season 3 of the ABC [...]

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Writers Block – Common Facebook Mistakes of a Traveler


Article number two in the Writers Block series comes from Thomas Piper, owner of Scrub Squad 1978. Thomas has been a friend of [...]

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